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Add our handy JoinUp widget to your website and watch your membership numbers grow.

Boost Your Membership Numbers with JoinUp

A handy sign up app that allows venues to capture new member details for their membership programs instantly. Integrated with Bepoz, member records instantly sync with the POS system allowing venues to manage them through their normal membership routines. With data validation, JoinApp also reduces the potential for membership record duplication and data errors.

The JoinApp can be fully tailored to a venue’s branding and style. The app comes with a full content management system allowing for customised form fields, screen savers, welcome email templates, branding and more.

  • Paper-less sign up
  • Instant member registration
  • Integrates with Bepoz Point of Sale
  • Single/multi-site operation
  • Customisable to match your brand
  • User-friendly Content Management System
I’d like to know more.

JoinUp is now part of our website add-on marketing tools. To find out more about EzeJoin, EzeTiz, EzePromos and EzeGift. See link below.

Web Sales Tools from Bepoz.

Easy-to-use Admin Console With Simple Metrics

Dashboard – At a glance view of the membership join rates and the number of active devices a venue is running.

Members – See membership status, which member has joined and drill down into member details.

Venues – Manage all your venue setups on one screen. Control key display content such as form fields, automated emails and how the app is branded.