Bepoz’s integrated stock control POS Software system handles both beverage and food items with simplicity and ease. You will always know what you’ve got, what you need. where it is and when you are using every piece of stock. The Bepoz  retail point of sale system includes real-time granular detail on stocktake, spot items, beverage metering, condiment workflow and live product GPs. Various models of PDA units with built-in scanners are supported to simplify and speed up stock takes. It is also possible to conduct partial stocktakes at the till for either individual products or across your complete product range.


Bepoz point of sale can also suggest the stock that needs to be ordered based on min/max set levels, sales replenishment or a manual purchase order can be created which can be printed, faxed or emailed to your supplier. When the goods are delivered the order is retrieved, the stock is checked off and posted as received into the stock control POS Software system. This updates stock levels, the stock value on hand and updates all recipe costs.


As you update stock through invoicing, transfers and sales, this will give you accurate and live cost and quantities on hand allowing you to see transparency within the point of sale system.

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