The built-in aspect of the POS Marketing & Promotions module in Bepoz’ point of sale system gives you an edge over having to use a third party platform. This feature rich marketing POS software allows the user to easily target patrons with promotions that are being run at the venue, whether via sms, email or right at the POS till with the Customer Display screen.


With these point of sale features, you can set up 2 for 1 meal offers, instant discounts, suppliers discounts, member rewards and birthday vouchers. These vouchers can be triggered by pre-programmed data and can be printed right at your bar/bistro printer. The associated reports will show you how successful your promotions have been through its POS Reporting feature.


A fully integrated customer database provides a number of tracking options such as visits, preferences, birthdays and much more so that any future promotions can be targeted effectively.

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