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Bepoz is a leading POS solution for the hospitality industry – backed by 40+ years of developmental experience, our restaurant POS is second to none. It is easy to use, featuring intuitive touch screen terminals, including hand held devices. No matter what size your restaurant we can customise our POS system to improve efficiency in your restaurant. Our restaurant POS has been installed in some of the biggest landmark restaurants across New South Wales, Queensland and beyond.


Bepoz POS software is available as a stand alone or part of our package fully installed on state of the art Bepoz POS hardware. We provide full training and support on all aspects of our POS software. Features include bill splitting, loyalty and membership programs, table management and a host of integrations from accounting packages to online bookings. Our restaurant POS system can also integrate with your back office operations, maintaining stock control, invoicing and even stocktake, all in real time. Your restaurant will mesh together as never before with easy order transmission from POS to the kitchen. Your tables will be turning quicker, and you’ll gain increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Serge Dansereau
The Bather’s Pavilion NSW

…I have used Bepoz for more than ten years now and with over ten stations in use I can only recommend this system because of its ease of use.

Michael Selia
Newmarket Hotel

…Staff can process orders a lot faster, it’s also easy to set up accounts and we can add food and drinks to a tab from any bar or the bistro.

Avril Vaughan
Bojangles Bar & Saloon NT

…The introduction of Bepoz has been extremely valuable to our business in so many ways. It has increased the speed and accuracy of all our transactions.

Brittany Fleming
Lighthouse Care

Bepoz have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of our rapidly growing grocery store.  We needed a fully integrated POS system incorporating customers, register operators, back office and warehouse. Thanks Bepoz for a great product.

Jared Merlino
The Lobo Plantation

With over 250 handpicked rums in our collection stock visibility and movement is paramount to meeting our customers expectations. Bepoz stock control – monitoring, reporting and alerts provides a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail, nothing is missed.

Customised Screen Layouts

Customise your menu screens, table layouts and screen flows to suit your service style.

Wireless Kitchen Ordering

Print orders at multiple kitchen printers or display coffee orders on digital screens wirelessly.

Flexible Payments

Simple bill splitting as well cash-card payments, we integrate with all popular payment systems.

Automated Stock Control

Track which stock’s running low or identify your slow movers to make necessary menu alterations. 

Efficient Table Management

Easily join tables to suit your group of diners; split bills function for better customer experience.

Unmatched Reporting

Real time reporting analytics, pro-active alerts and an on-the-go reporting App – Snapshots.

Same screen Tablets

Pair up your POS tills with our commercial grade POS tablets with identical screen logic.

All popular integrations

We talk to Xero, Tyro, dimmi, myob, myguestlist, mobi2go, mylocal foodie and many more.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock emergency support to ensure that your business is never out of business.

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