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POS for Multi Venue New
POS for Multi Venue New
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Pos For Groups & Multi Venue

Centralise the management of multiple venues with Bepoz POS software.  Uniquely allowing the management of multiple venues from your Head Office via one single Point of Sale database. Our solution provides a unique link between remote venues, their POS terminals and your Head Office, giving you unmatched control over how your business operates.  All stock movements, staff activities and cash flow data from each venue is sent to the head office in real time alerting you to any incidents and discrepancies when they happen.


The ability to monitor sales, stock and inventory remotely will provide central purchasing capabilities and greater buying power with suppliers. Your Loyalty and Membership programs can operate from one central location. It will also allow monitoring of promotions and coupon redemption results across multiple venues.


Bepoz POS software offers a PLU Free option. No longer do you have to input PLU codes on all your products.  With our POS you enter your product and description and the system automatically does all the PLU configuring. Bepoz intelligent POS system for multiple location can easily be customised to suit each individual venues specific needs either at the venue or at your Head Office location. Comparing stores performances through the head office reporting will give you greater advantages to running a successful business.

Serge Dansereau
The Bather’s Pavilion NSW

…I have used Bepoz for more than ten years now and with over ten stations in use I can only recommend this system because of its ease of use.

Brittany Fleming
Lighthouse Care

Bepoz have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of our rapidly growing grocery store.  We needed a fully integrated POS system incorporating customers, register operators, back office and warehouse. Thanks Bepoz for a great product.

Michael Selia
Newmarket Hotel

…Staff can process orders a lot faster, it’s also easy to set up accounts and we can add food and drinks to a tab from any bar or the bistro.

Avril Vaughan
Bojangles Bar & Saloon NT

…The introduction of Bepoz has been extremely valuable to our business in so many ways. It has increased the speed and accuracy of all our transactions.

Jared Merlino
The Lobo Plantation

With over 250 handpicked rums in our collection stock visibility and movement is paramount to meeting our customers expectations. Bepoz stock control – monitoring, reporting and alerts provides a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail, nothing is missed.

Flexible Quick Ordering

Easily optimise your order screen for dine-in/take-away service with preset combo pricing.

Built-in marketing module

Create targeted campaigns and manage in-store promotions at individual venue or at group level.

Easy Menu Creation

Manage individual menus with their own pricing per venue, and update directly from Head Office.

Head Office Management

Manage your stock, menus, pricing centrally and automate purchase order creation.

Scalable for Multivenue

Easily add new store locations, whether stand-alone or with a centralised Head Office.

Live Centralised Reporting

Get live data and pro-active alerts for all your venues via email or on our on-the-go reporting app – Snapshots.

Same screen Tablets

Pair up your POS tills with our commercial grade POS tablets with identical screen logic.

Menu Board Integration

Manage your Digital Menu items and pricing from the POS and run centralised promotions.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock emergency support to ensure that your business is never out of business.

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