Specialising in the development and installation of advanced IP CCTV systems, our security division understand each business has their own unique requirements, which is why we focus on tailoring a CCTV security system that fits your needs.
CCTV technology is constantly evolving and venues in areas like Sydney and Brisbane demand optimal performance no matter what system you run.  The role it is playing is becoming increasingly important so the need for clarity and concise imagery is even more valuable. CCTV provides benefits with OH&S issues, staff training, internal theft, management of staff, can decrease risk for insurance assessments, and patron safety.  And now with mobile access it also now provides greater knowledge into how your business operations when your not on site.
Our advanced IP CCTV solutions featuring up to 5 megapixels camera technology, high resolution recording and a wide range of indoor, outdoor and day/night CCTV options, you can give your business the optimum level of cover.
The IP CCTV technology includes impressive features such as low light sensitivity, wide angle panoramic views and advanced zooming capabilities. With the right combination of these features, you can reduce your overall camera requirements whilst dramatically improving the area and quality of surveillance footage.
We also offer hybrid and tribrid systems if you already have analogue CCTV systems installed.  These systems allow your existing technology to be upgraded at a very cost effective way.
Additionally, the CCTV system can be seamlessly integrated with Bepoz point of sale system by placing the camera above the till. the details of an order at this POS Till is superimposed onto the viewing image so even the craftiest employee cannot cheat the POS system.


CCTV Remote View



  • Advanced IP megapixel technology
  • Weatherproof with no mechanical moving parts
  • Event controlled complete recording within the camera (select models)
  • Alarm function, speaker and microphone
  • Dim light vision capability (select models)
  • Easy plug and play setup
  • Remote viewing/surveillance via the internet