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Welcome to Bepoz, Australia’s leading supplier and developer of point of sale (POS) systems. For over 40 years we have been at the forefront of developing hospitality and retail point of sale systems that are powerful, affordable and totally scalable depending on your business.  We are renowned for supplying products that are customised to meet a the demands of running a bar, restaurant, cafe, hotel or club.


Our mission is to provide the hospitality industry with the tools to optimise their operations. In addition to our POS system Bepoz offers fully integrated Digital Signage, CCTV and Paging solutions all fully customized to your business.

POS – From simple single till systems to multi venue POS retail solutions, we can help you run your business smoothly from front of house to the back office. Our point of sale (POS) system offers you a single, robust platform for orders, payments, reporting and accounting systems. User friendly as well as feature rich, you will receive thorough training and ongoing support.


Digital Signage – there’s nothing quite like a vivid digital menu board or signage to stimulated the appetite of your patrons and boosting sales. Bepoz offers dynamic digital menu boards and display screens that can be updated daily, promote specials, combos and promotions. In addition you can provide branding opportunities for local businesses, promote loyalty and feed through news, weather and sports.


CCTV – a good security system can provide more than just a deterrent to thieves. It can provide greater mobility with live remote access monitoring, transactions linked to cameras and with the detailed recorded footage you can better train staff on customer service.


I have been taking acyclovir for almost 2 years now. I believe that this works, because I had only 1 flash in 2 years. I was given the opportunity to take 200 mg every 4 hours. (Equal to 5 per day) for 5 days, when there is an outbreak or every day, but I only took 1 flash.

Paging – with one of the widest selection of pagers on the market, we cater to venues of any size. Our solutions are offered stand alone, networded or integrated to POS system options. Paging options offer improved guest satisfaction and improved staff efficiency to optimize your business.

Whether you are a small, single venue, a growing enterprise in Sydney, Brisbane or beyond, Bepoz can change the way your business performs.

Serge Dansereau
The Bather’s Pavilion NSW

…I have used Bepoz for more than ten years now and with over ten stations in use I can only recommend this system because of its ease of use.

Brittany Fleming
Lighthouse Care

Bepoz have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of our rapidly growing grocery store.  We needed a fully integrated POS system incorporating customers, register operators, back office and warehouse. Thanks Bepoz for a great product.

Avril Vaughan
Bojangles Bar & Saloon NT

…The introduction of Bepoz has been extremely valuable to our business in so many ways. It has increased the speed and accuracy of all our transactions.

Jared Merlino
The Lobo Plantation

With over 250 handpicked rums in our collection stock visibility and movement is paramount to meeting our customers expectations. Bepoz stock control – monitoring, reporting and alerts provides a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail, nothing is missed.

Michael Selia
Newmarket Hotel

…Staff can process orders a lot faster, it’s also easy to set up accounts and we can add food and drinks to a tab from any bar or the bistro.

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